NMAEYC strives to raise the quality of education for all children from birth through age eight.

Working closely with NAEYC, we help childcare programs -- including preschool, Pre-K, and family care -- achieve the standards that represent the mark of quality in early childhood education.

NAEYC Accreditation

NAEYC accreditation began in 1985 with the goal of providing an accrediting system to raise the level of early childhood programs. Today, more than 6,500 programs across the country are NAEYC-accredited including many in New Mexico.

Early childhood education programs with the NAEYC accreditation mark of quality benefit children through greater readiness for and success in school.

NAEYC-accredited programs invest in early childhood education because they believe in the benefits to children and families. Early childhood experiences have an enormous impact on children’s lifelong learning and positively contribute to their health and development.  

Why Accreditation?

Parents and families are seeking out NAEYC accredited programs. Parents choosing an early childhood education program can be overwhelmed when trying to find the highest quality program for their child, as there are few objective ways to identify quality.

NAEYC accreditation certifies program quality and provides an endorsement so families know they are making a solid choice for their child.

Accreditation is an excellent choice for early childhood programs, as it gives them an edge when trying to attract families and children to their programs.

Learn How to Get Accredited

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