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The New Mexico Early Childhood Alliance/Quality Through Shared Services (NewMexECA) is a FREE membership organization open to early childhood professionals in New Mexico. The statewide website at provides online access to cost savings, customizable manuals and forms, business administration tools, supports for classroom teachers, and guidance in moving up the STARS rating system for early childhood licensed programs, including programs in FOCUS.  

The website is designed to meet the unique needs of New Mexico early care and education professionals who are committed to quality early childhood care and education programming for New Mexico's young children and families. The only "cost" to register for the site is your commitment to quality.

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There are many entry points to Shared Servicess -- from individuals accessing the website, to centers sharing significant program functions. The graph below points to other entry points.

Local ECE alliances are small-scale partnerships that create community-based solutions to support early childhood programs in running their businesses and in raising quality. These local shared service alliances enable early childhood programs to join forces to share staff, centralize administrative functions and build management capacity and classroom expertise -- generating the revenue they need to improve quality and still run a sustainable business. 

Examples of these local alliances in New Mexico are the South Valley Early Childhood Alliance and the South Valley Early Childhood Group, which are groups of individuals and programs working together to promote community-wide solutions. 

You can also start a local shared services alliance in your own community. Visit to get guidance on creating business plans, governance and structure policies, services and activities, and more!

Many thanks to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for initially funding the Shared Services website in New Mexico. Thanks also to the Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) for generously allocating funds to support the ongoing costs of the webpage!

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La Alianza de la Primera Infancia de NM/Alianza Para Calidad es una organización de membresía GRATIS para los profesionales de la primera infancia en Nuevo México que están comprometidos a la calidad en la primera infancia y los programas de educación para los niños jóvenes y las familias de Nuevo México.

La plataforma en línea [] está diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades únicas de profesionales Nuevo Mexicanos del cuidado y educación primero. permite el acceso en línea al ahorro de costos, manuales y formularios personalizables, herramientas administrativas, apoyos para maestros,  y orientación en el sistema de licencia de CYFD (FOCUS). 

El único "costo" de membresía es su compromiso con la calidad.

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ECE alianzas locales, como la Alianza de la Primera Infancia del Valle del Sur (South Valley Early Childhood Alliance), permiten a los programas para la primera infancia que pueden compartir personal y servicios, centralizar las funciones administrativas y aumentar la capacidad de manejar el programa. A es posible mejorar la calidad y a la vez tener un negocio sostenible.

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