Early Childhood Teacher Leader

Program Name: 
Santa Fe Public Schools
Program Description: 
PreK/Focus Program at the SFPS.
Job Location: 
Santa Fe
Job Type: 
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

General Function:
To work within the Teaching and Learning Department as a District level master teacher/coach/specialist to provide professional development, on-site coaching, and consultation to NM Pre-K funded program-based educators in the areas of curriculum, instruction, accountability, professional development, administrative reporting, family engagement, portfolio assessment, student data reporting , and to support implementation of NM Pre-K Program Standards and academic alignment with grades K-3rd.
Assist in District data collection for NM Pre-K program compliance requirements reporting and application process. Plan, develop, facilitate, and participate in NM Pre-K principal, teacher, education administrator (EA), and other Pre-K related personnel trainings, meetings, resource development, classroom observation and the successful implementation of the FOCUS: Essential Elements of Quality for State-Funded Preschool Programs. Participate in additional NM Pre-K program activities by the request of the PED Pre-K staff.
Ensure fidelity to the process of continuous quality improvement (CQI) using a variety of self-assessment tools, including environmental rating scales, consultant feedback, family surveys and student data.

Additional Areas of Responsibility: 

Full information regarding other areas of responsibilities.
See on job listing on the SFPS web site -

How to Apply
How to Apply: 

Job # 2377 listed on the SFPS web site.
Go to SFPS web Site. http://www.sfps.info/
Menu bar - Departments
Click on Human Resources
Side Bar - Jobs - Apply online - click on this
Left menu click on - Certified
Click on - 'Other' - scroll down to the end. It's the 2nd to last listing.


Dr. Melissa Lomax, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
B.F. Young Building, 1300 Camino Sierra Vista, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505