Saturday Sessions

10:30am - 12pm
Title Presenters Room Track
Elevating Our Field: The Power of Mentorship Catron Allred | Gigi Schroeder Yu All Early Childhood
Power to the Profession: Your Voice Advances Our Profession Katherine Kempe | Michelle Croasdell and Judith Lavendar Pecos All Early Childhood
Successful Inclusion Strategies All Children Need Catherine Quick | Lisa Hughes, Sbicca Brodeur Picuris Preschool (3-5 yrs old)
Understanding CP in Young Children and Talking to Families about concerns. Sandy Heimerl | Dara Zafran Apache All Early Childhood
2pm - 3pm
Title Presenters Room Track
El Desarollo del Sistema Integral y Centralizado de Recursos y Referencias en Nuevo México Carmen Garcia | Rachel Nowak La Cienaga All Early Childhood
Qualification, Eligibility, and Legal Issues for Infants and Young Children for Early Intervention and Special Education Services Dr. Lawrence Ingalls San Jose All Early Childhood
3:15pm - 4:15pm
Title Presenters Room Track
Advantages of NAEYC Accreditation Helen McDonald Acoma All Early Childhood
Left Over Stuff; It's Always Enough Melissa Scott | Keri Piehl, Kristi Goldade Tewa All Early Childhood
Preparing Family Members for their Child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) Dr. Helen Hammond San Jose All Early Childhood
2pm - 4pm
Title Presenters Room Track
Guiding Math & Science Experiences for Young Children: How In The World Am I Supposed To Do That? Susan Clark Chaco All Early Childhood

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